Today’s Impact Story: Meet Sabastian

Hopeful Africa’s mission is to foster sustainable prosperity in Africa through education development and equal partnership. To achieve this mission, Hopeful Africa focuses on four key areas:

Educational Development | Equal Partnership | Youth Engagement | Increasing Awareness

Hopeful Africa exhibits these key areas through the Student Sponsorship program. All students sponsored by Hopeful Africa are exemplary in their day-to-day school work, despite the fact that they struggle financially to pay school fees.

Of these sponsored students is Sabastian Kiprotich, a hard-working student at Ogilgei Secondary School with a class rank of 2.

Sebastian Kiprotich - F4Please describe your need with paying school fees:

My wish is to be settled in a school and avoid going home with school fees. However, this problem is contributed by my family background, my only guardian being a farmer and relying on farming to pay for my school fees. This initially frustrated me. I am really appreciating the support now and peace of mind that I have.

What goals do you have, either in school or for a career in your future?

I am focusing to become an engineer. I am working hard to attain a good grade that will enable me to succeed in this course. I also want to attend a university that will shape me in this field of study.

How has the support provided by Hopeful Africa affected you?
Truly, Hopeful Africa has greatly supported us. It eliminates time wasted in going home for school fees, enables us to have humble time in school and reduces the burden of our parents and guardians. I am grateful to this organization.



-casie tindell, social media coordinator