Today’s Impact Story: Meet Mercy

This is Mercy Cheruto, a student at Boror Secondary School with an impressive class rank of 6.

Mercy Cherono

Please describe your need with paying school fees:

My parents are farmers, but my mother is suffering from leg bacteria. Each and every month she would go for a doctor’s check up which requires a large amount of money. This has an affect on me and my siblings, and thus we were unable to attend school. However, since my beloved brothers and sisters help me, I have been well in both food, education, clothes and shelter. I promise to work hard in my education.

What goals do you have, either in school or for a career in your future?

I have many career goals, but the main one is: After high school studies I would like to go to University to study and become a surgeon or doctor. I would also like to learn about guidance and counseling in order to help my brothers and sisters in their future, and especially other girls to achieve their goals.

How has the support provided by Hopeful Africa affected you?

The support from Hopeful Africa has assisted me through physical, spiritual, mental and emotional growth. It has helped me by allowing me to stay in school and learn more about this spherical world. I appreciate their support and thank them in what they have been doing. Bless you in everything you are doing and grant you to see how Africa will prosper in the coming generation.