Today’s Impact Story: Meet Maureen

Hopeful Africa has be working in Kenya for the last eight years with seven partner schools. Over these years, the organization has invested more than $115,000 and has impacted thousands of students. These funds have provided 5,520 books, 143 annual high school scholarships, 27 computers, 18 teachers, electricity, and much more. This has all been possible through the gracious support of our loyal donors and supporters.

One of the impact areas that we have improved over the last few years is the reduction of the teacher to student ratio. Currently, the average teacher to student ratio in sub-Saharan Africa is 1:42. At the start of our partnership, our partner schools were not far from this ratio. Through provision of additional teachers we have been able to reduce the ratio by 33%. This is great progress and we have seen improvement in district rankings and performance of students.

Starting today, for this next fiscal year (July 2016 to June 2017) we will share individual profiles and stories of people who have benefited through our support. We would like to highlight these stories as they bring the full picture that statistics simply can’t provide.

Today, we will start with a teacher profile. Meet Maureen Chepchumba Ngetich from Boror Mixed Secondary School. She teaches Biology and Geography.


Please tell us about yourself, your family, interests, hobbies, etc.

I am Maureen. I am 25 years old and second born in a family of six. I come from Boror village. My hobbies are singing gospel songs, traveling, watching movies. Teaching is what I love most.

What goals do you have, as a teacher and for your future in general?

My goal is to ensure that I teach each student with compassion so that he/she becomes a better person in life. I would also like to be a lecturer at a university. To impact the knowledge, values and attitudes of the students that I teach.

How has the support provided by Hopeful Africa affected you?

Positively. I come from a very humble background here in Boror, Nakuru County, Kenya. I started teaching in Boror Secondary School in 2010 as an untrained teacher. My father is a peasant farmer. It wasn’t until Hopeful Africa came in that I enrolled in Mount Kenya University to study. I enrolled a school-based program where I went to school during holiday (April, August and December). Hopeful Africa is the one who made me successful. I used the salary I was given to pay my school fees. I have had many challenges since my family dependant on me for basics such as food. I graduated from university on December 11, 2015. With a Bachelors of Education (Science) in Biology and Geography.


Thanks so much Hopeful Africa for you support. I would like to continue on to earn my master’s degree. I will be grateful if you support me further.


– Hope Team