Today’s Impact Story: Meet Jackline

Jackline Jepngetich Koech is a Math and English teacher at Emarangishu Primary School. Jackline is married with two children and enjoys reading books, newspapers and novels. In her free time she listens to Christian gospel music and frequently visits museums and animal orphanages. She also loves interacting and socializing with others.28656895612_3e855b904d_o

What goals do you have, as a teacher and for your future in general?

My school should improve in all areas–academically, spiritually and in co-curriculum activities. I wish for at least one candidate from my school be sent to a national school. I also wish to strengthen my relationship with Hopeful Africa through hard work, strengthen my teaching skills, create room for emulation to become a role mode, to improve my home, and to improve my grade i.e. through pursuing diploma.

How has the support provided by Hopeful Africa affected you?

The support provided by Hopeful Africa has given me the chance to successfully practice teaching as a profession. The materials that Hopeful Africa provides makes my teaching easier, as the material is readily available for quick reference and contains much information. Their support has also helped improve my home, including financial stability, ability to provide for the basic needs of my family, and the acquisition of better healthcare. Working with people and teachers provides me with much moral and spiritual support, and I am now able to be open-minded and look forward to a good and bright future. There are many positive changes, I thank you Hopeful Africa for their support.


-casie tindell, social media coordinator