Today’s Impact Story: Meet Caleb

Although primary education in Kenya and other countries is free to all, secondary school is mainly cost restrictive. It is because of this that we see drops in attendance from primary school to secondary school. According to UNICEF, 87% of students in rural Sub-Saharan Africa, like Caleb, drop out of high school before completing the 12th grade.

Since 2009, Hopeful Africa has worked with Boror Secondary School and Ogilgei Secondary School to pay the school fees of students who have shown true dedication and excellence in their academics. Through our Student Sponsorship program we have provided 62 annual sponsorships to deserving secondary school students and have seen a 100% secondary graduation rate of sponsored students to date. And as this program continues to grow, so will the number of student sponsorships we provide.

Of these sponsored students is Caleb Kemboi from Ogilgei Secondary School. Caleb is currently studying in the 12th grade and ranks third in his class. 

Caleb Kemboi

HA: Please describe your need with paying school fees:

C: I am in a family of five and my parents are employed locally and are unable to pay for my school fees. Therefore, I spend most of my time waiting for my fees to be paid as my parents are financially unstable. My parents spend a lot of time borrowing money and doing some extra jobs to get at least something to take me back to school, and this impact has a negative influence to my dreams.

HA: What goals do you have, either in school or for a career in your future?

C: My future goal is to become an engineer. I am working hard towards achieving this goal to change my society, nation and even Africa at large in order to bring revolution in modern technology and change the world.

HA: How has the support provided by Hopeful Africa affected you?

C: Support from Hopeful has brought great impact on my performance in class. Since I got support from Hopeful Africa, I have not missed any class as we are no longer being sent home for fees and I have immensely improved my grade from D+ to B-. I am confident that I will further improve my grade to a grade that will be valid at any institution and enable me to reach my future dreams. 

Hopeful Africa has been more like our mother, and we greatly appreciate the kind support from Hopeful Africa. May God bless Hopeful Africa, may God bless America.



– casie tindell, social media coordinator