Today’s Impact Story: Meet Benjamin

Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) has made legitimate strides towards universal primary education, with 76.3 percent of children of primary school age now attending school. However, as this influx has been rapid, schools have often been left underfunded and without the necessary infrastructure, materials, and teachers to provide students quality education. The lack of teachers has been apparent in the current partner schools where Hopeful Africa works and has led to the development of the Teacher Support Program.

Our Teacher Support Program originated when our partner schools explained there were over 42 students per teacher on average, thus requesting funds to hire extra teachers. This is a quality issue, as learning in such an environment is incredibly difficult. We began providing support for extra teachers in combination with school investment, and since then we’ve seen progress take off. Thus far, the program has supported eight teachers annually, including Benjamin, to a total of four partner schools, and we’ve also successfully lowered the student to teacher ratio in our schools to 29.8:1, which is closer to the world average of 24.2:1.

At present, Hopeful Africa provides funds to four partner schools which they then use for teacher pay and support. Expansion of this program to other schools, regions, and countries will be as needed, dependent upon relationships and feasibility.

Of our supported teachers is Benjamin Frankline Wabwire. Benjamin teaches Kiswahili and History at Ogilgei Secondary School.

Benjamin Frankline Wabwire

Benjamin Frankline Wabwire

Please tell us about yourself, your family (if you have one), interests, hobbies, etc.

I am a teacher by profession aged twenty five years. I am single and I have undergraduate degree in education arts. I have been in this institution for two years. I like sports, especially training students in volleyball and handball. Lastly, I like visiting the orphanage homes and spending time with the orphans and sharing with them good moments in life.

What goals do you have, as a teacher and for your future in general?

These are some of the goals I would like to accomplish as a teacher: First and foremost, I have an undergraduate degree and am intending to pursue my masters degree in two years time. Secondly, I am from a single parent home and I intend to help students who have one parent, as well as the orphans in our community, because they undergo a lot of challenges in life. Thirdly, I have the ambition of starting an orphanage home in the future. Through your support I am able to fulfill my goals in life.

How has the support provided by Hopeful Africa affected you?

Hopeful Africa brings great impact to my life and others. I am able to cater to my needs through Hopeful Africa. Apart from catering to my needs, I am also able to take care of my dad who is a single parent. It is my wish to continue getting support from Hopeful Africa so that I may do many things in life.



– casie tindell, social media coordinator