Today’s Impact Story: Daisy

Name: Daisy Chepkemoi

Birth date: 20/4/1999

School: Boror Mixed Secondary School

Class Rank: 1

Last Exams Grade: B


Please describe your need with paying school fees:

I have a single mother and five brothers. My mother is a peasant farmer who sometimes is unable to pay school fees for all of us as she prefers to provide us with the basic necessities such as food and clothes, rather than education.

What goals do you have, either in school or for a career in your future?

I wish to become a lawyer and to sustain myself so that I can help others in need as Hopeful Africa has done for me. In fact, if it were not for you I would have got married because of my inability to pay school fees. I am truly grateful for your support.

How has the support provided by Hopeful Africa affected you?

It has affected me academically as I am now in school without any disturbances, such as school fee payments.


Hopeful Africa is fortunate enough to sponsor many amazing students through the Student Sponsorship program. During this year’s trip to Kenya, the team captured the amazing story of Daisy. Hopeful Africa created a full-length documentary to help tell Daisy’s story and to showcase the life-changing opportunities the Student Sponsorship program provides to students. To learn more about the Daisy Documentary, visit the Daisy website page.

In anticipation of the December 1 Daisy Documentary release, Hopeful Africa invites you to host an exclusive documentary screening party. If you are interested in hosting a private screening of the Daisy Documentary, fill out this form.


-casie tindell, social media coordinator