School Investment

About the Program

School investment is Hopeful Africa’s broadest program and seeks to address the lack of resources at schools in SSA. Public expenditures on public school as a percent of GDP is 4.3 percent, well below the UNESCO-recommended 6 percent. Additionally, spending has only increased 13 percent since 2003 despite a large influx of students in the wake of the global push for access to education.

Schools are often found to be buckling under the weight of a large student body, with the student-to-teacher ratio being one example. Other areas suffering due to lack of funds are textbooks, electricity and other infrastructure, arts programs, computers, and more.

The school investment program allows for a wide variety of projects. Hopeful Africa has provided more than 5,520 books, 20 computers, a library renovation, computer lab furnishings, electricity, trees, musical instruments, and more to seven partner schools in Kenya. The model of this program is crucial because of the widely differing needs from school to school.

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