Teacher Support


Teachers have the ability to immeasurably change a student’s life if given the proper opportunity. In Sub-Saharan Africa, the student-to-teacher ratio in primary school is 42.5:1, a number not conducive to the type of individualized, quality education that students deserve. Hopeful Africa is working to address this lack of teachers.

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Student Sponsorship


While primary school has been made free in much of Sub-Saharan Africa, secondary school remains cost prohibitive for too many students. Costs drive down attendance and irreparably damage students’ earning potential. Hopeful Africa sponsors students who demonstrate financial need and academic commitment.

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School Investment


School administrators in Africa know best what their schools need. Because of this, Hopeful Africa has designed a school investment program that is respondent to specific schools’ needs. Past projects through this program have included providing textbooks, installing electricity, and building a water catchment system.

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Every donation can make a difference, whether it’s a month of student sponsorship, a year of teacher support, or a library full of books.