Retro Hopeful Africa Tee (Crewneck)

IMG_2494Kyle and Amy, retro tee

Retro Hopeful Africa Tee (Crewneck)


This shirt keeps it simple, emphasizing that Africa is a hopeful place. Set on the green that represents the vast natural resources and beauty throughout the African continent, the “retro” logo draws your attention to Africa and to the word “hopeful”. It’s time people associated those two things much more! Rather than the conflict, disease, and poverty we are shown, let’s talk about the great things being done by Kenyans, Ugandans, South Africans, and many more. It shouldn’t have to be said, but people need to acknowledge that Africa, while faced with some hurdles, is a continent on the rise – and that is due to people in African communities themselves. Hopeful Africa just wishes to be a partner along the way.

This shirt was designed by Lindsey Swirbul, a Hope Team volunteer, and printed by our longtime partners, Nuline Promotions.¬†Proceeds from merchandise sales fund Hopeful Africa’s programs and operations, helping the organization to increase its impact.

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