Red, Yellow, & Green Necklace

Red, Yellow, and Green necklace

Red, Yellow, & Green Necklace


This beaded necklace the red, yellow, and green colors that are used by many nations associated with Africa. The red, yellow, and green that people often identify with African countries and cultures became popular when newly independent Africa countries borrowed the color scheme of the Ethiopian flag to honor Ethiopia’s resistance against foreign occupation and colonization. The red is often thought to mean strength (or the blood of warriors), the yellow symbolizes peace or hope, and the green symbolizes the rich land. The ‘HOPE’ speaks to the inherent and abundant hope in African countries because of the motivated, intelligent local people that are driving progress in their communities across the continent.

The necklace is held together by a metal clasp. As with all of Hopeful Africa’s beaded artifacts, this bracelet was designed by our friend Shangaman.

Proceeds from merchandise sales fund Hopeful Africa’s programs and operations, helping the organization to increase its impact.