Hopeful Africa Sunset Tee (Grey)

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Hopeful Africa Sunset Tee (Grey)


Sunsets are beautiful everywhere, but they hold a special place in the hearts of many of Hopeful Africa’s volunteers who have gone to Kenya. After a long day of visiting with school leaders, meeting the students, and checking up on projects, it’s always great to sit back, reflect, and enjoy the sunset behind the vistas of the Great Rift Valley. But the sunset is also a reminder that tomorrow is on the way; while today’s work may be over, there’s much to do when the sun comes up. This cycle reminds us that the journey of sustainable development is not a short-term project. Even as we enjoy the successes of today, and we should enjoy them, we must always think about tomorrow. That’s what the administrators, teachers, and students at our partner schools do everyday and it’s the least we can do to match their drive and commitment. The yellow of the logo, when used by African countries, often signifies peace or hope.

This shirt was designed by Lindsey Swirbul, a Hope Team volunteer, and printed by our longtime partners, Nuline Promotions. Proceeds from merchandise sales fund Hopeful Africa’s programs and operations, helping the organization to increase its impact.

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