Abstract Hopeful Africa Outline Tee (Female)

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Abstract Hopeful Africa Outline Tee (Female)


This navy heather shirt features a neon green representation of Africa with “hopeful” inscribed on the Northern coast. It is a female cut shirt and the highest quality shirt produce by Hopeful Africa. The logo signifies that hope is stitched into the fabric of Africa; that it isn’t something brought by Western organizations or governments, but rather something that springs from the people of African countries themselves. Too often, people forget to look at all the great progress being made by people in diverse communities across Africa. It is our hope that this shirt serves as a subtle reminder of the hopeful Africa not often shown by the media.

This shirt was designed by Liz Schaer, a Hope Team volunteer, and printed by Hopeful Africa’s longtime partners, Nuline Promotions.¬†Proceeds from merchandise sales fund Hopeful Africa’s programs and operations, helping the organization to increase its impact.

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