Meet Daisy.

She is 17-years-old. She moved away from her family in order to continue her education. She starts her day at 3:00 am, before the sun even rises. She arrives to school two hours before school starts to study her materials. She is a symbol for girls everywhere.

Daisy Chepkemoi - F3

Meet Daisy, the 17-year-old girl who is overcoming barriers to women’s education.

Daisy’s story is one unlike any other, which is why Hopeful Africa is giving you an in-depth look into her daily life in the new documentary Daisy. The documentary shows raw footage of Daisy’s school day from start to finish, some of it very shocking.

In leading up to the release of the full-length documentary, Hopeful Africa will be releasing a series small trailers, starting with today’s teaser trailer.

From this film, we hope to shed light on two stories: the story of Daisy and the story of how simply providing access to education can make a world of impact for a student, like Daisy.

You can visit the Daisy’s webpage to learn more about her extraordinary journey and to keep updated on the upcoming documentary Daisy.


-casie tindell, social media coordinator