About the Campaign

EventsThe Events campaign allows individuals to support the Hopeful Africa without having to establish or join a student club. Supporters can work individually or with a group to host fundraisers or hold awareness events to help Hopeful Africa make a lasting impact on African education.

Whether it’s a church group, a service club, or just a group of friends, hosting an event can be one of the most effective, and fun, ways to support Hopeful Africa. The following are fundraising events individuals have hosted outside student clubs:

  • Elementary or Preschool Fundraising Drives: Teachers or administration officials in schools with students not old enough to form clubs have undertaken a variety of fundraising drives. These have included a coin drive, month-long donation drive, and other events.
  • Car Wash: Youth groups, daycares, and others might organize a car wash to fundraise for Hopeful Africa.
  • Individual Athletic Fundraiser: Participating in marathons and other fitness competitions is a rewarding experience. Individuals often add to that experience by asking friends and family to donate to a cause in the spirit of their athletic endeavor.

These are certainly not the only events individuals can host. New and creative event ideas are welcomed and encouraged!

Contact us for more information on how to host an event in support of Hopeful Africa’s programs to increase educational quality in Africa.