About the Campaign

Hopeful Africa believes in the power of youth. Young people’s enthusiasm, potential, and drive are unmatched. For this reason, Hopeful Africa manages student clubs at universities, generating support and spreading awareness. Passionate student leaders hold meetings, run events, and recruit members. In addition to providing a significant percentage of Hopeful Africa’s fundraising, these student groups become the core supporter base, spreading the mission and helping to expand the organization’s impact.

Most clubs are set up as a standard student organization with a constitution, elected or chosen executives, and members. Meetings are held to plan events and discuss the organization. Fundraising events can range from small artifact or bake sales to large, overnight lock-ins. The most exciting part of the clubs campaign is the creativity it allows student leaders. Hopeful Africa encourages unique and fun event ideas.

Students learn how to run charitable fundraisers, recruit volunteers, and generally manage and organization. Additionally, club leaders become acquainted with the complex development issues in Africa and the philosophy espoused by Hopeful Africa. In all, the students in charge of Hopeful Africa’s clubs become well-rounded, informed young women and men through philanthropic action.

Current Clubs

If you are a student at the schools below, you can get involved with Hopeful Africa through these clubs. They do great work, so check them out!

Hopeful Africa @ Iowa State University

Hopeful Africa @ University of Iowa

Get Involved

Want to start a club? It’s pretty easy! Just send an email to Include your name, your school, your contact information, and why you want to start a club. A Hope Team member will reply to your email as soon as possible. Hopeful Africa is always looking for new student leaders to carry on the cause.