BirthdaysThe Birthdays campaign is an opportunity for supporters to donate their birthday to Hopeful Africa programs. Instead of getting money, gifts, or cards from your friends and family, they can donate to Hopeful Africa on your behalf!

Each birthday campaign will support Hopeful Africa’s Global Giving fundraiser, which aims to raise $30,000 for improving educational quality at seven partner schools.

If you aren’t ready to make your fundraiser right now, fill out the Birthdays online form and a member of the Hope Team will contact you when your birthday is coming up.

How to donate your birthday

Create a GlobalGiving Account

  • Go to this page
  • The easiest way is to just log in with Facebook

Make your own Fundraising Page at GlobalGiving

  • Create a fundraising page at GlobalGiving
  • Name your fundraiser, e.g. “Kelly’s Birthday Campaign”
  • Choose “Celebration”

Add your fundraiser to Hopeful Africa’s ongoing GlobalGiving campaign

Edit your Birthdays fundraising campaign

  • Click on “My Profile”
  • Set a new fundraising photo
  • Set a donation goal (10 times your age is a good starting point but we encourage supporters to dream big!)

Share your fundraiser with friends and family

  • Post the link to your fundraiser, along with why you’re doing it, on Facebook several times in the week or two leading up to your birthday
  • Write personalized emails to friends and family
  • Tweet, post on Google+, etc.