Hopeful Africa manages student clubs at schools in the United States in order to fundraise, spread awareness, and generally support the organization’s programs in Africa. Youth are the most effective and efficient agents of age because of their passion, potential, and drive. By focusing on young people in the United States through its clubs campaign while supporting youth in Africa, Hopeful Africa aims to send out ripples that last for generations.

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One of the simplest and most profound ways to support Hopeful Africa is through the birthdays campaign. Supporters can choose to “donate” their birthday, which means setting up an online fundraising page and asking friends and family for donations to Hopeful Africa’s cause in lieu of gifts, cards, drinks, dinner, etc. This is a significant statement of support for those that benefit from Hopeful Africa’s programs, and a productive method of fundraising for the organization.

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Hopeful Africa encourages individuals and organizations of all kinds to run events in support of the organization. In the past, preschools, day care programs, elementary schools, and friends of the organization have contributed funds to Hopeful Africa in various ways. A coin drive, dinner party, car wash, personal fundraiser for a marathon – whatever the case may be, if a person wishes to support the organization, hosting an event is among the best ways to do so.

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