Ogilgei Primary School

About the School

Ogilgei Primary School is a public school located in Rongai district, Ngata division, Ogilgei location and in Rongai constituency. The school is four kilometers north of Njoro and was established in 1984. Since its establishment, the facility has grown from one classroom to 16 classrooms. Twelve of the classrooms were completed through the Constituency Development Funds. Another two classrooms were completed by Agriflora Kenya LTD. Ogilgei Primary School has a student body of 720 (380 girls and 340 boys) and 16 teachers.

The school is advised by a School Management Committee, comprised of 13 members. Eight of the members were elected by parents of Ogilgei students, and five of the members were elected by the local government.

The introduction of free primary education has increased the school’s student enrollment. While free education has provided more students an opportunity for education, the growing numbers have led to logistical challenges. Expanding the resources and facility necessary for the students is costly, and much of the burden falls on parents and guardians.