Kirobon Primary School

About the School

Kirobon Primary School is a public school located at Ngata Division, Kirobon farm in Rongai District in Nakuru County, about 11 kilometers from Nakuru and on the left side of Nakuru-Eldoret road toward Eldoret. Kirobon Primary School has a student body of 350, and 11 teachers.The school’s overall development is managed by an annually elected School Management Committee.

Generally, Kirobon test scores are above average with a mean score of about 270 marks of a possible of 500 marks. Some of the best professionals in the area were educated at Kirobon. The school performs well in district and county primary school sport competitions.

Just like other public schools, Kirobon was built by peasant farmers living on small incomes from small-scale farming. The funding for schools has continuously gone down due to growing population that has led to high demand of living. The introduction of free primary education has increased the enrollment leading to challenges that have greatly impacted academic progress and the overall development of its students.

Funds for school facilities from parents and guardians has been insufficient for the needs of the school, and the funds received from the Minstry of Education have specific limitations on usage. These two factors make it difficult for school facilities to grow and be updated with rising numbers of school children.