Emarangishu Primary School

About the School

Emarangishu Primary School was built in 1957, and many of the structures are still from the original build, while others have been remodeled or reconstructed over the past 50 years. Located about 27 miles north of Nakuru, it is around an hour drive from the city. Emarangishu is in a very rural part of Kenya. The school officially became a partner school in 2013. Thus far, Hopeful Africa has invested in the school through textbooks and is currently working to help Emarangishu increase its number of teachers. Please read the following excerpt from Hopeful Africa’s 2014 Summer Trip blog about Emarangishu:

“The next part of the day was by far the most exciting and entertaining. We had a ceremony with all of the teachers, students, school board, and even parents of the children. The ceremony began with each class performing a song and dance. The first song by standard 3 (the same as 3rd grade) was in English and was a song saying, “we love education, God help us with our education” and this theme of education continued throughout the songs for the rest of the day. Multiple members of the school spoke, the headmaster, the school committee, students, teachers, and parents. Each one sent a similar message welcoming us to the school and thanking us for visiting, showing massive amounts of gratitude, and appreciating our work…At the ceremony we were able to fulfill the book list that Emaragishu Primary School sent us, by purchasing over 120 textbooks, workbooks, teacher handbooks, and posters for all of standards 1-8.”