Boror Secondary School

About the School

Boror Secondary School is a public secondary school registered under the Ministry of Education. It was started in 2007 by the Boror community as a continuation of Boror Primary School. The main reasons for starting the school were to increase student transition rate from primary to secondary school, and to reduce the costs for parents to continue their child’s education.

The school facility initially started as two classrooms, which were funded bu the Nakuru county council. The student body is currently 190 (100 boys and 90 girls) ranging from 14 to 24 years old.

The school has nine teachers, seven are employed by the government through the Teacher’s Service Commission and two are employed by the board of governors. Boror also employs four non-teaching staff members. The school is managed by a board of governors and Parent Teacher Association (PTA).

Most families in the area own small farms or work in nearby flour farms and have a low income base, which often leads to poor payment of school fees and students being absent from school. A few students have been sponsored in their school fees by Hope 4 Africa, the County Council of Nakuru, and the Constituencies Development Fund.