Hope Team

Hopeful Africa is run by a team of dedicated volunteers who donate their time to helping the organization pursue its goals. Meet the Hope Team:

Moses Bomett
Founder & President

Moses founded Hopeful Africa at the age of 16, in hopes of providing sustainable education to his home country of Kenya. He has since dedicated his efforts to expand the organization. .

Nyla Evans
Executive Assistant

Nyla joined Hopeful Africa in 2015, after hearing Moses speak, she became inspired to join. You can find her spending time with friends and family, and staying active playing volleyball.

Kelly Madsen
Communications Director

Kelly joined Hopeful Africa six years ago during her freshman year at Iowa State University. As the Communications Director, Kelly is excited to enhance the creativity and bring a know-how set of skills to our digital, social and content marketing. Living in Des Moines, she enjoys trying new restaurants, spending time with her active puppy, Okie and cheering on the Cyclones.

Drew Zaun
Fundraising Coordinator

Drew joined Hopeful Africa in August of 2016. As the Fundraising Coordinator, he focuses on bringing awareness across all of Iowa through multiple events. Being a part of the Hope team has brought satisfaction to his life. In his free time, he likes to play pick up basketball and challenge his friends in Fantasy Football.

Lauren Morford
Donor Relations Coordinator

Lauren joined Hopeful Africa in 2014, and through her work in donor relations is able to work closely with the organizations and people that make our work possible. Outside of Hope, she loves her career as an adolescent therapist, likes exploring Chicago and watching sports.

Meredith Whitlock
Communications Coordinator

Meredith has been involved in Hopeful Africa since 2011 freshman year. While handling communications for Hope, she is excited to expand strategic communication and development, and social impact. Recently moving to Seattle, she enjoys exploring the city, hiking and trying new food.

Casie Tindell
Social Media Coordinator

Casie joined Hopeful Africa in 2010 when it started as a club at Valley High School in Des Moines. As the Social Media Coordinator, she oversees all aspects of social media, including weekly blog posts, social media strategy, and campaigns. Outside of Hopeful Africa, you will most likely find her biking around Des Moines or snuggling at home with her cat.

Liz Schaer
Graphic Designer

Liz joined Hopeful Africa in 2014, creating and implementing her ideas and creativity to our organization. As a professional graphic designer, she is constantly bringing new and fresh ideas. She enjoys photography, cooking and spending time with her new kitten, Mo.

Aaron Rosenberg
Grand Coordinator

Aaron has been involved in Hope since 2009 joining at Iowa State University. He has been impacted from visiting our partner schools twice visiting the students we support. My hobbies include playing soccer, biking, and sleeping 10 hours a day.

Audrey Williams
Grant Coordinator

Audrey joined Hopeful Africa in 2016, based out of D.C. She is putting her experiences working with non-profit fundraising and grant writing to use to advance Hope’s portfolio and impact. Outside of work she enjoys reading, writing and learning languages.

Zoe Hildreth
Student Clubs Coordinator

Zoe has been involved with Hopeful Africa since 2012, joining at the Iowa State University. Each year she became more invested by working with our college clubs and various campaigns, I became more inspired by the passionate people around her. In her free time, I enjoy running and rollerblading as ways to explore her new home in Iowa City.

Mallory Arnold
Special Events Coordinator

Mallory joined Hopeful Africa in 2011, and has been an essential in handling special events and logistics for the organization. She enjoys cheering on the Cyclone sports teams, spending time with friends and family, and keeping up with shows on Netflix.